Lisa’s Thank You

Hello Dr. Sarno,

In 2008 I contacted an energy healer. I had never done anything like this before but I had been suicidal for nearly two long years at that point. My issues were completely emotional up to then until the day of my session with this energy healer. That morning I found I couldn’t lift my head off of the pillow and I had severe body pain like never before. I couldn’t believe how much pain I was in and I called my twin sister to tell her that something was seriously wrong with me physically.

During my session this energy healer asked me what was worse my physical or mental issues? I couldn’t believe it but I actually had to say “physical”. Weeks prior to this first session through email contact, I had learned about “goodists” and he gave me a question sheet to answer and talked with me about hidden anger. But it was during my first session with him that I learned about you. He had seen you and been treated by you and was able to tell me about his own back pain and how he was a “energy healer that could help everyone else but he couldn’t even help himself.”… and then he told me about the affirmations and how important it was to see that my body pain had an emotional root or component and that the pain was a distraction. He asked me if I wanted to know why after 6 weeks he had found that made his back pain vanish. I said, yes, of course. And he said “nothing”. It just left.

Dr. Sarno, I never took medicine for and never allowed a doctor to document the diagnosis of “Fibromyalgia” in my file and I never felt hopeless about the body pain. I’ve always from the start been saying the affirmations and I didn’t have any trouble coming to terms with the emotional root of the body pain. TMS gave me hope enough to begin to build within myself the solution to the whole of my life’s situation.

It was for me to see, for me to work through, to build, to change, and succeed with and your insights and contributions through TMS gave me the tools so I could experience true inner power. Thank you for your sight and your vision. If I had learned about Fibromyalgia through any other means, I know I wouldn’t be here writing this right now. TMS empowered me. No words can thank you enough, Dr. Sarno and I’m thankful for the opportunity to write you. I won’t stop talking about TMS and sharing your books.

Hugs and Love,