Yvette’s Thank You

This photo reminds of my recovery from chronic back pain and herniated disc more than anything. After months of physical therapy, behavior counseling for anxiety, journaling and following Dr. Sarno’s advice, I was on the mend and able to take my first hike into Grand Teton National Park. I was elated. His book was the cornerstone of my recovery. I refer to it often and am so grateful for the knowledge and power it gave me. Thank you. Your work will live on.

Phil’s Thank You

Thank you for your books which I used to cure my neck pain and ADHD of 20 years.

I’m a clinical psychologist who works with injured workers and I have recommended your book to many of my patients since reading them. Many have found them helpful.

This is a shot of me hiking with my daughter on my back. Something that would have probably caused me a lot of pain prior to reading your books. Dr. Sarno, you are a giant among men and I am forever grateful for your help.


Randie’s Thank You

No words can describe how I feel towards this
Wonderful man. So I won’t try. Just suffice it to say
He will be sorely missed by us all.
God speed Dr. Sarno!
We love you and are ever so grateful
Randie Sullivan

Lindy’s Thank You

I had sometimes crippling pain in my coccyx for three years and often found it difficult to walk, bend and lay down comfortably.  I had acupuncture, acupressure, saw spinal surgeons, had painful cortisone shots into my tailbone, went to pain clinics and saw many other doctors, to no avail.  One day I was flipping channels and saw a young woman who spoke about how she had used a scooter for years due to back pain but then saw Dr. Sarno and her pain was gone.  I went to the store that day and bought “Healing Back Pain” and read it while on a trip to St. Lucia for a week.  By the time I left St. Lucia my coccyx pain was reduced by at least 50% and I didn’t need the special seat pillow anymore.  When I got home I called Dr. Sarno for an appointment and had to wait six months to see him.  During that time I read his other books and continued to improve and also used his suggestions when I had pain in other places in my body.  I saw him on Valentine’s Day, was diagnosed with TMS, stayed for two lectures and continued to follow his advice and was pain free.  Since that time twenty years ago I have re-read Dr. Sarno’s books and bought them for many friends who were experiencing pain.  A few years ago I developed sciatica after going through a very difficult situation that left me with PTSD and suffered with it for over a year.  I found that Dr. Sarno was no longer practicing so I looked for a therapist that was trained in TMS and luckily found a wonderful woman not too far from my home.  Within a few months the sciatica was completely gone and the PTSD had subsided.

I cannot imagine where I would be now without Dr. Sarno.  You are an angel!

Nancy’s Thank You

I am so thankful for Dr. Sarno.  I had had severe back pain incidents , carpel tunnel syndrome, but then had the worst Neck pain in my life.  It was so debilitating that I couldn’t get out of bed.  I literally couldn’t sit up for more than a few minutes.  My Dr. prescribed muscle relaxers and Accupuncture which gave me  very little relief and only temporarily.  The pain would last for about a week and then I would get an attack 1-2 months later.  After about the 3rd attack of Neck pain, someone recommended that I read Dr. Sarno’ s book.  I must have read them at least 3 times, and started to get relief.  I couldn’t believe it!  I read all of his books and went to see his protégés in NYC and have not had severe pain in 3 years.  When ever I feel a slight tinge, I remind myself that nothing is really wrong with my neck.  Thank you Dr. Sarno for changing my life.

Jos’s Thank You

Thank you Sarno for helping me to heal from low back pain at the age of 25. Now I can do what I love again – play basketball outside. I have my own blog in The Netherlands, spreading the word about TMS. Thank you

Julie D’s Thank You

I collapsed in the street in 2012 after a prolonged period of stress. My upper back had gone into spasm causing chest pain and this morphed into relentless shoulder, upper/lower back, neck and arm pain. That was the beginning of my journey. For the next three years, I was in almost constant pain in various parts of my body. My life stopped really. I could not work and I just lived a miserable existence. My world got smaller and smaller.

I saw Doctor after Doctor and had diagnosis after diagnosis. Finally, I was told I had fibromyalgia and an MRI scan showed problems with discs in my neck. I was told by a rather uninterested doctor that I would need to learn to live with this.

I had dark days, very dark days.

I started to fight back and found by chance YouTube videos highlighting Dr Sarno’s work and that was the beginning of my recovery. I watched, I read, I watched some more. Within months I had become completely pain free. I got my life back!

I have occasional pain but now I always know what’s behind it and I can move on pretty quickly.

My greatest joy now is simply being able to walk miles with my dog. Nothing athletic but something so important to me.

It is a sad day today hearing of Dr Sarno’s passing. After going through some very difficult times in the past month and a close bereavement, I am dealing with a mini flareup but I am well, I am healthy and I know I can deal with this. I no longer live a life of fear. I am currently listening to “Healing Back Pain” on audiobook so have spent my week with Dr Sarno really so this news is particularly poignant just now.

Dr Sarno was an amazing man in my opinion. He was willing to go against the crowd and do what he thought was right. It is to Dr Sarno that I owe my returning health. When other doctors around me simply turned to a mainstream diagnosis and left me to it, Dr Sarno’s information changed everything.

I speak of his work to other people who struggle with pain and though some are willing to listen, most are not and that must be a frustration he felt constantly.

God bless you Dr Sarno. I will be forever grateful for all your efforts, wisdom and compassion.

Julie Davis (and Daisy)
Kent, UK

Paul S’s Thank You

I was crippled by TMS and was not able to work for over 6-months when a friend referred me to Dr. Sarno’s book. After reading his books and watching his interviews online I was pain free within a few weeks.

Thanks you Dr. Sarno for your incredible work. I am deeply grateful. You will be missed.

With lots of love and gratitude.

Paul Smith

PS. The picture is of me rowing. I am the person stoking the boat on the far left. I never thought I would be able to row again until I came across Dr. Sarno’s work. : )

Quoth John Sarno, “Nevermore”

Once upon a midnight dreary, as I pondered weak and weary,
Over years of chronic back pain too imposing to ignore,
Growing noticeably leery with each pain physician’s theory,
Suddenly I found a book that I had never seen before.
Just a book and nothing more.

And I thought it rather stellar that this New York Times bestseller
Was entitled “Healing Back Pain,” as my spine was rather sore,
So with little hesitation, and a hint of fascination,
I flipped through the first few pages just to learn a little more.
Just a chapter, nothing more…

Laying out a thorough series of distinct and striking theories,
Dr. Sarno drew an inference that struck me to my core-
That my pain manifestation isn’t caused by herniation,
But instead by an unconscious intrapsychic civil war.
“It’s the brain and nothing more.”

And this novel explanation for my lumbar aggravation
Was the freeing revelation I had long been searching for,
Through the spinal decompressions and the acupressure sessions
And the countless years of therapy spent strengthening my core-
Finally this was something more.

As I learned about repression and my unconscious aggression,
And the bevy of emotions that my psyche had in store,
Searching for a clear suggestion, reading on, I asked the question,
“What, amidst my mental processes, should be I be looking for?”
Quoth John Sarno, “Just explore.”

So I then began to journal, digging up every internal
Source of stress and rage and tension that I’d ever felt before,
And with each successive word I felt progressively unburdened,
Still I worried, “What if my back symptoms flare up even more?”
Quoth John Sarno, “Just ignore.”

And my back pain, ever grating, started fading, started fading,
As I dared to dream about the pain-free life I had in store,
And I asked with strained elation and a tinge of trepidation,
“Will this torment ever haunt me in the way it did before?”
Quoth John Sarno, “Nevermore.”

Alan Gordon, LCSW

Marilyn’s Thank You

Thanks to Dr. Sarno my five plus years of pain ended.  I was facing invasive back surgery due to the findings from my MRI.   I was distraught about the surgery, the recovery and the possibility that the surgery wouldn’t work.  As a last ditch effort, I read Healing Back Pain after a friend recommended it.  That was the beginning of my recovery. Once I realized that I had TMS I wanted a professional opinion, just to confirm my self-diagnosis.  Luckily, I found Dr. Stracks and he guided me on the remainder of my journey of healing.  I’m a different person and I thank Dr. Sarno for his years of work, dedication, persistence, guidance and teaching—  all of which have clearly made a difference in the lives of thousands of people!  I pay it back by telling people about my journey and encourage them to read Dr. Sarno’s books.

My condolences to Dr. Sarno’s family.


Christine’s Thank You

Thank you Dr. Sarno for writing your books to bring awareness that there is an different approach to healing chronic pain.  Your books gave people access to you who could not travel to NYC to have an in person appointment.  I hope that All the Rage is a huge success so people can still learn about you and your methods even though you are gone.  You deserve so much credit for all that you have done and all the people your have helped.

Jack M’s Thank You

Dr. Sarno,

Around this time last year, I went through 6 months of the darkest days of my life. I suffered from lower left back pain that refused to go away. After trying every recommendation and every doctor, I was basically out of options. I quit my job, cut out most of my friends and spent most of my days laying with my back flat on the floor next to my dog. At that point, I had tried an orthopedic, acupuncturists, massage therapists and a neurosurgeon while also taking an X-Ray and MRI along the way. I would estimate that I spent around $5,000 on all of this. This does not include the amount of money that I could have been making if I were going to work every day. After all of this, I felt just as bad (if not worse) than I did when my back originally began bothering me.

Suddenly after leaving a massage therapy appointment on a beautiful July summer morning, a friends grandfather called me. I was told “You are going to think I am crazy, but you should consider reading this book.” I was desperate and happy to try anything at that point. About 3 hours later, I would guess at around 2:00 I picked up “Healing Back Pain” at the library. By the time I had dinner that same day, I would say I was at about a 75% recovery. Within about 5 days I was back at 100%. It was literally a miracle.

I have friends and family who I try to convince to read the book because I feel strongly that they are suffering from TMS. It is amazing how they refuse to accept or believe it. Dr. Sarno mentions these people in his book saying that many people will not buy into his theory. I am so thankful that I did.

It is hard to think about those 6 months and consider how I basically resorted my life to nothing. No work, no social life and no exercise. However, after reading some of these stories I consider myself grateful that I only suffered for 6 months. Many of these people suffered for decades.

You are a genius, Dr. Sarno and I plan to watch your documentary this week. I am going to do everything I can to spread your theory and help cure people who suffer from TMS.

RIP Dr. Sarno.

Jack M

Editor’s note: I followed up to ask for a photo, and Jack replied with the following:

This is a response from your previous email.

While suffering from TMS, I was unable to even think about exercising. Then I picked up Dr. Sarno’s book. Within several days I was cured from my chronic back pain. At this point, I had not worked out for about a full year. This photo was taken only 3 months after I picked up “Healing Back Pain” and was cured from TMS. I was in the best shape of my life. Thank you Dr Sarno for giving me the chance to exercise and get in the “best shape of my life!”

Steve C’s Thank You

I am very sorry to learn of the passing of Dr. John Sarno. Although I never has the privilege of meeting him, his dedication and work had a wonderfully positive impact on my life.

From 1985 until 2000 I suffered chronic back, shoulder, knee and hip pain as well as other TMS manifestations. Having exhausted all traditional ways of trying to treat the pain I really was very discouraged. Fortunately I heard about Dr. Sarno and I started my journey to elimination of pain without physical therapy, medication or surgery.

At first I was skeptical of what Dr. Sarno’s premises, but with no relief in sight I contacted Dr. Sarno’s office to try to set up an appointment. I found out that at that time Dr. Sarno was not taking new patients outside the New York area, but he took the time to write me a personal letter referring me to physicians in the United States who were familiar with TMS. The doctor in Chicago he referred me to in 2000 ran lab tests on me and felt that I suffered from TMS. After meeting with the doctor, and rereading Dr. Sarno’s books, I began to understand the source of my pain and eliminated almost all of my pain within a couple of months.

I am grateful for Dr. Sarno’s wisdom, and the fact that as busy as he was that he took the time to personally respond to me.

May his memory be blessed and his work continue!

Steve C

Dave H’s Thank You

This note was one I had been meaning to write for years and I am sorry I did not write it to Dr. Sarno before he passed but hope that he is looking down and reading this and what I am sure will be many other letters.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Sarno for his work, which for me touched me when I accidentally stumbled upon his name and a very brief description of his theory while paging through a Back Remedies for Dummies book. That was 13 years ago when my wife had taken me to a Relax Your Back store to see if we could find a comfortable chair for me to sit in at my law office. The chairs of course were not helpful and because I am a reader I gravitated to a small book shelf and started leading through the Back Remedies for Dummies book. By some strange cosmic force I found the one page that said something along the lines of: there’s a Dr. at NYU who believes that back pain is caused by unconscious emotions and that people who are high achievers and always striving to do good for others have pain caused by their unconscious mind. I instantly recognized that person and was intrigued and purchased Healing Back Pain.

I had a hard time at first accepting that I had an unconscious mind that could cause pain but I was struggling and gave the theory a try and it worked. But not for long. About six months later I woke up with excruciating pain. My instant reaction was that Dr. Sarno’s theory was no good. But after a week of trying physical therapy that was not helping I went back to the book and went all in. It took about three months but I have been pain free ever since. It is truly amazing.

Years later I started having arm pain and found Dr. Stracks in Chicago. I told him I thought maybe this was unconscious rage and he agreed and this pain went away in a week. Since meeting Dr. Stracks I have at his request sometimes talked with some of his patients and have given presentations to his patients. I also talk to anyone who will listen about Dr. Sarno and his treatment. I am aware of at least eight people I have introduced to Dr. Sarno’s theory that have rid themselves of pain after reading the book. They thank me but they need to thank Dr. Sarno.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Sarno for showing me how to heal myself, a remarkable gift.

My deepest sympathy to his wife, family and friends.

Dave Holmes
Oak Park, Illinois

Al’s Thank You

Thank you so much! You saved my sanity and life. I run 10 k 6 times a week and 2 half marathons so far.. For 3 months I couldn’t walk to my front door.

I could write 10 pages. THANK YOU is not enough, but it’s ALL I can say.
You are an angel.

GOD bless you!

Daniel’s Thank You

I wish I would have sent this before, knowing that maybe someday you could have read it. Thank you for saving my life Dr. Sarno. I specifically say saving because were it not for your work I’m not quite sure I could have continued living with the amount of debilitation and pain I was in everyday. I spent a good portion of my 20’s bedridden, using walkers and canes, seeing doctors/specialists and in agony from my widespread pain. At the time doctors suspected I may have had Lou Gehrig’s disease or Guillain Barre Syndrome, but after all that suffering I now know it was just TMS.

Nowadays I’m back to working, hiking, weightlifting, backpacking, running, going to school etc. I have my life back and I have you to thank for that. I’ve also met my wonderful loving girlfriend through the “world of TMS,” and am so happy we have found each other. I’ve included a picture of me with my two buddies (two of whom had supported me during some of my struggles) on the top of Mt. Langley, 14,000+ ft. up!

Dr. Sarno, your knowledge and information will reach the masses in time and you will be known as one of the greatest in history, I have no doubt about that. My loved ones are so happy to have their son/brother/grandson/nephew/cousin back and I’ll remember you for the rest of my life for having brought me back to life.

Hoping you’ll read this message from above 🙂

May you rest in peace, Dr. Sarno.

Prem’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno.

You have given my life back. One day I thought I would meet you in person to give a hug. You are really a genius. And you changed the world of treating pain. I am really blessed to know about and read your book. I believe you are a god. RIP Dr. Sarno.

You will be ever living in our hearts….!

Elizabeth’s Thank You

I first read Dr. Sarno’s book about twenty years ago.  Some of it rang true but other parts didn’t, so I put it away.

Fast forward ten years later.  My medical issues continue to plague me and my physician is concerned that I might have MS.  After significant angst followed by an all clear on the diagnosis I knew I had to find a better way to live.

I pulled out Dr. Sarno’s book again and lo and behold I saw myself reflected back in the pages.  This led me to Dr. John Stracks at the Center for Integrative Medicine at Northwestern University and my healing journey began.

I cannot thank Dr. Sarno enough for his life changing work.  I will do all I can to continue to spread his message of true healing.

Elisabeth W

Carol’s Thank You

… literally, from my heart, my head, my stomach, my legs… I felt sure that my body was shutting down and I was dying when my son sent me HEALING BACK PAIN.   Thank you for taking away my fear and giving me hope for the first time in many years.

God bless you and keep you.  May you Rest In Peace with the knowledge that you will continue to be

A great healer and teacher

My regrets and condolences to his family and loved ones.
Carol W

Marcus’ Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

For 13 years I was known to friends and family as the guy with back pain. Not a single day without pain. In 2009 my life changed when I finally gave in and read your book. That was the beginning of the end of my long and painful journey of back pain.

With your help and because of your understanding of the human condition I found the courage to turn my back on traditional medicine (when it comes to pain) and the establishment that is ignorant and does not want to see reality.

Thank you Dr. Sarno for helping tens of thousands of people like myself.

Marcus P.

David Schechter MD’s Thank You

I first met Dr. John Sarno when he lectured to our class in medical school. I first spoke with him directly when I asked him about my knee pain. The response he gave me and the subsequent seminars I attended helped to solve my knee pain problem.

As significant as the pain relief was, this exposure offered me something even more significant–a direction for my medical career–which has been a significant daily component of my medical career until today, more than three decades later.

As a medical student, I had a wonderful opportunity to work with him an entire summer as a medical student seeing patients with him and doing telephone research, data analysis, and writing on his first follow up study.

He honored me by allowing me to make editorial comments on a draft or two of his first book Mind Over Back Pain and acknowledged me in the book.

Our conversations, several visits to his home on the upper East side, and a single visit to his home in upstate New York are memorable experiences in my life.

At these visits it was quite evident that he was also a devoted husband to his wife Martha Taylor Sarno, herself a pioneer in the field of speech therapy.  It was evident at these dinners that he loved and admired her and she reciprocated fully.

After my medical training shifted west I saw him less often, but we reconnected in the mid 90s.  His referrals were instrumental in helping to build my MindBody practice at that time. Those patients inspired me to write my first book, the MindBody Workbook, and to create the first website and audio program in this field.

I had an opportunity to visit him with my wife and children when they were young children at his office. That day was memorable to me and some photos that I will cherish.

Going forward to writing my book Think Away Your Pain in 2014, his willingness to be flexible on his policy of not writing professionally after his retirement and offering me a quote for its back cover was a very meaningful gesture to me, to our relationship, and to the significance that he had in my medical career.  I really appreciated that offer.

Dr. Sarno’s work lives on and as many innovators have struggled with alterations and modifications of their ideas, he had some struggles with this as well. But so many of us carry a debt of gratitude to Dr. John Sarno and an appreciation of the importance of his fundamental thinking.

To move forward one most often stand on the shoulders of giants and Dr John Sarno truly was a giant in the area of pain, emotion-based medicine, mind-body medicine, and TMS.

Thank you Dr. Sarno. Thank you John. Rest In Peace

David Schechter MD

Katherine’s Thank You

Dr. Sarno’s first book “Mind Over Back Pain” called out to me as it sat unassumingly on a book shelf at the Coliseum Book Store in New York City many years ago. It was hiding amidst some thick intimidating books on “health” that one would have to spend a year reading. So I purchased that book and I still remember the first night I read it when it opened up a whole world that felt like it had been hiding in my brain always. And I began my journey with this wonderful doctor//teacher/sage and all his other writings.

Dealing with TMS is not by any means easy for me but I know it is true and real and usually I just have to remind myself that’s what is wrong. We are only scratching the surface of the mind/body connection and we are so lucky to have had a courageous warrior like Dr. Sarno to come forward  way ahead of his time.  In the future when they understand it more than we do now, he will be revered. Thank you Dr. Sarno and I will be grateful to you all my life.

I am also grateful to the TMS Wiki site (and Alan Gordon and Howard Schubiner) which has been a huge saving grace to me in just this past year and is an inspired refuge for so many on the internet.


Ken’s Thank You

To the Memory of a Great Physician,

I suffered from intermittent, debilitating back pain all my life until an acquaintance recommended your Mind/Body book. I knew you were right as soon as I read it, and my pain went away within weeks. Every time after that, I’d read your book, confront my worries, and the pain would fade. Just last year, I couldn’t exercise because of what I thought was a hamstring pull that just wouldn’t go away. And then I saw an advertisement for a calf-brace to relieve sciatica pain. Of course, I said: it’s not a hamstring, but rather I have referred back pain, and now I can cure it. It went away within days.

I always keep an extra copy of your book, to “pay it forward” to a friend with back pain. You made a real mark on this world, and I join so many others in expressing my deepest gratitude to you and your loving memory.


Howard Schubiner, MD’s Thank You

Dr. Sarno was a giant.
He was insightful enough to see what so many others couldn’t see, even though it was right there for all to see.
He was tough enough, so that he could put up with criticism and even ridicule.
He was kind enough to show compassion to his patients who revered him.
He was dedicated and persistent enough to write the books that helped so many.
He was realistic enough to know that even he couldn’t change the way medicine was practiced.
He was smart enough to know that he was right and that he would have to wait for the world to catch up.
It’s just that he couldn’t wait forever.

It’s up to us to carry the torch and live up to his insight, toughness, kindness, realism, and smarts.
It’s a worthy endeavor.

My best to his family and to those who will mourn him and miss him. He is responsible for the health and recovery of thousands. I owe my career to him and pledge to work on his behalf to realize his vision of the acceptance of his theories by mainstream medicine.

Howard Schubiner, MD

Ana’s Thank You: “My Hero”

I will always consider Dr. Sarno my hero. After suffering with a debilitating case of TMS for three years, I discovered Dr. Sarno’s books. It took a few days to feel significant relief and after almost a year, I was completely healed. The 26 doctors I had seen previously over the course of my journey couldn’t do anything to help me…in fact, they made things worse!! Today, I have been pain free for almost four years and I have my life back. I am active and loving life!!!

Thank you Dr. Sarno!! I have mad love for you! May you be in God’s glorious kingdom!!


Shelley’s Thank You: “The words ‘thank you’ are not enough….”

Dr Sarno, I have been meaning to write a letter to you for a year now. I am crushed that it will never find its way to you.
I cannot even put into words how your brilliant ground breaking work has impacted my life and the lives of my family and loved ones. Just 1 year ago I had just about given up and was dealing with the “reality” that I would be in horrific chronic pain for the rest of my life, unable to function without assistance. I was medicating myself to get through the long days & nights. I would wake up and by 11am look at the clock and shudder….oh my god….still 10 more hours before I can go to sleep again!! It was that bad. I could not bare the long painful day. I couldnt even lean forward an inch to brush my teeth as my back would go into spasms that brought me to my knees. I could not sit for 10 months without shooting burning pain going down my leg making my foot go numb. (funny how this started right after my physiotherapist told me this was the worst thing for me)
I mourned the life that I once had and grieved the thought of ever enjoying anything again with my children or family. I could not even watch TV seeing people outside playing sports, enjoying life etc. It would bring me to tears and sink me deeper into the dark meaningless void of my new state of being. I was basically bed ridden.
I had an MRI to prove my back was a mess. Herniated & bulging discs, stenosis, scoliosis, bone spurs, osteophytes, sciatic nerve root involvement and osteoarthritis. Several GP’s, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Chinese Dr’s, acupuncturists & massage therapists all confirmed my worst fears. There was nothing that could be done.
I read Healing Back Pain. Honestly thought you were a quack and returned the book to the library. Things got worse. Thought I’d give it another try as I had nothing to lose and got The Mind Body Prescription. As thousands of others have said….I thought the book was written about me. Saw myself on every page. I started slowly with tmswiki website….did some journaling and battled with my brain. After several attempts of sitting and telling myself “your back is fine, strong & healthy. There is no reason for your pain. All of those findings on the MRI mean nothing. They are part of the normal aging process of your spine. There is NO reason for your pain it is created by your mind and nothing more” when all of a sudden I sat and the pins & needles and burning pain left my leg like magic. I gasped in shock. That is when I quickly created my evidence list and challenged each and every thing I did during the day. My list grew & grew over the next couple of weeks….with baby steps I conquered new movements. Within a few weeks my pain was 100% gone. A thing of the past. Like being reborn, cannot even put into words how it felt.
Everyone I know was in awe. I called my friends & neighbours and showed them I could do jumping jacks! I ran to my Dr and she threw her arms around me jumping up and down (she always wanted to help me but didn’t know how….I cant fault her for that) Thanks to you Dr Sarno, my kids have their Mom back and my husband has a wife again. I no longer take life for granted and celebrate each and every day that God has given me. I have no restrictions physically and embrace new and challenging things on a regular basis. When my TMS tries to creep back, and it does, I use the same challenging methods and poof! like magic…the pain disappears. I have defeated carpal tunnel, knee pain, achillies tendonitis and frozen shoulder within days.
My hope is that many many more people (including medical professionals) will soon open up their minds to your teachings. It is truly nothing short of miraculous. Dr Sarno, you are my hero. From the bottom of my heart…..I owe my life to you…..Rest in Peace…your legacy will live on changing lives for hundreds and hundreds of years to come.
With love & immense gratitude,
Shelley S.

Michael’s Thank You

About twenty years ago, I was poor as a church mouse working survival jobs and trying to pursue an unsuccessful acting career. I had a herniated disk, and unbearable back pain. Prior to the injury, I ran about 4-6 miles daily. With the onset of back pain, I was sidelined for over a year, desperate for relief from chiropractors and doctors that I could not afford. Unsuccessful actors can’t really afford health insurance. I was in a LOT of pain and very depressed about my lack of physical mobility.

One day after work I went to the large library in midtown Manhattan in search of books that could offer me exercises to relieve my back pain. Instead I came across Doctor Sarno’s book,”Mind Over Back Pain, the Mind-Body Connection.” I remember checking the book out from the library and reading the entire book, cover to cover, one afternoon in the middle of Central Park. Everything about TMS resonated so strongly within me.

Three days after finishing the book, I was back on the treadmill running my daily miles. I’ve been running and swimming four or five days a week since.

I have a Pay It Forward policy regarding Doctor Sarno’s books. Whenever a friend complains of back pain, I purchase the book as a gift with the insistence that the friend passes it on to someone else who may complain of back pain in the future.

My copies of Sarno’s books retain a prominent place on a shelf in my home library.

Thank you, Doctor Sarno. Our world is a sadder place without you today.

Much love and gratitude,
Michael C

Greg’s Thank You

Thank you Dr. Sarno.

As a poor college student, paying to go to a chiropractor every week to manage my headaches left me with just enough money to break even. I felt stuck and google searched for alternatives. I found your book, got it, read it and applied it. Haven’t been back to a chiro since. It’s been over 3 years.

God Bless!

Lynn’s Thank You

Thank you Dr Sarno
Tomorrow I will run my monthly 10 K in honour of you. I did not run for 16 years due to back pain. I thought it would affect my back. Thanks to hearing about your work through Georgie Oldfield who came to the USA to work with you, I am completely cured.
May you rest in peace

Jack’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

I can never thank you enough for saving me from not only crippling pain but also from seeking relief with back surgery.

I stumbled onto a back pain forum 5 months ago looking to see what others were thinking about after being told that surgery was the only answer, and someone mentioned your name and books.

They have been my saving grace.

This morning I went to look at the TMSwiki.org forum and saw that you passed away. I am only sorry that you did not receive the Nobel Prize for saving so many from a lifetime of pain and suffering. I will do my best to honor your legacy by sharing my own experience to all who will listen, and even to those who won’t!

Rest In Peace.

Thank you, Doctor!!

Rick’s Thank You

In the late 90s I suffered from neck and upper back pain.   I was truly suicidal as I was living in pain 24/7 and was told I would never be able to do physical activity again.  Back then back and neck surgery meant being in a body cast for months.

I tried everything, from acupuncture to mediation, to needles in the neck.    Nothing worked.   Until one day I was walking in a book store and decided to buy his book.  Everything made sense. I was cured within 2 weeks.    I have shared my story to anyone who would listen and I know dozens who have also been cured.    I haven’t had any issues since then and I also read his book “The Divided Mind” which has also helped me overcome other pains that I would have otherwise been alarmed at.  Thank you Dr. Sarno for being my hero, my God.  There will never be another like you.

Nelia’s Thank You

Dear Dr. John E. Sarno,

Thank You! You saved me!

I will not go into details of my pain and time spent in bed without being able to move.

I will always be grateful for finally finding you online and first listening and reading to what was available. I ordered 2 of your books. I resonated with your words in the first paragraphs. I put into practice what you advised and slowly my pain went away. The best part of it, is that it never came back. I was dealing with back pain for over 4 years since the birth of my son. The tests confirmed I have a herniated disk but I believe, as you say, this is simply another grey hair or another wrinkle.

I did your work. I treated what was really in need of treatment and today no pain! I apply this treatment to other ailments that seem to come my way and too, it works:)

I share what I have learned. You are a Legacy! I will never forget you and I will continue speaking of you whenever it is needed.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Nélia Marmelo

Susan’s Thank You

Dear Dr Sarno,

You are my hero. You saved me. I had lost my life to chronic pain and disability. Your dedication and selfless pursuit for the wellbeing of others restored faith in me. From the moment I accepted your work I knew I could deeply trust and believe that I would be cured. You did not let me down. Your expert work will not be in vain. The truth you uncovered all those years ago will become mainstream treatment for those in chronic pain. I hope there are other true doctors out there like you. We have lost the best one.

Rest in Peace

Susan (birdsetfree)

Jennifer B’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

I knew about your book for years before reading it (including hearing Howard Stern’s testimonials) but from what I had heard about it I thought I had to “face my demons” in order to get rid of my back pain. Ultimately the pain was too much and I decided to seek out your book. During the first hour of reading my pain started to disappear and I was encouraged to keep reading. By the end of the book I noticed a tremendous improvement in my condition. Within a month I was 90% pain free and within three months was 100% pain free. I’ve since read the book two more times and have given a copy to friends who complain about back pain – I can tell it’s TMS from their description of their symptoms.

One of the best parts of being free of back pain is the ability to exercise as much as I like. Here’s a photo of me finishing my second 5K – at age 50! Thank you Doctor Sarno, you’ve given me my life back.