Richie’s Thank You

I am a 41 year old male who has played baseball almost all of my life. I’m also an artist and a marathon finisher. At 39 I was hit with the worst pain I have ever known and was taken to the ER and was subsequently diagnosed with a herniated disc at L5-S1. The doctor actually winced when he viewed my MRI. So I was put on strong painkillers, prescribed PT twice a week and was injected with spinal steroid injections multiple times. When none of these things worked for any length of time, my next step was spinal surgery. Before I scheduled my surgery a friend of mine recommended a book called “Healing Back Pain” by Dr John E Sarno. I was willing to try anything. So, without a thought I downloaded the audiobook and started listening to it. My first thought was almost hatred toward my friend because the book immediately states that while the pain is real, it doesn’t come from a physical source. Which to me meant “it was all in my head.” What??!! So…I could not move at all without screaming out in agony (in front of my wife and three young daughters) and this book was going to tell me it’s all in my head? Well the book doesn’t even come close to saying that. But that is what I wanted to hear it say. So I calmed down, swallowed my pride and continued to read the book. Page after page describes me exactly. Everything Dr Sarno was saying, my whole spirit was wholeheartedly agreeing with. It was all making so much sense. So after reading the book, journaling, resuming all normal physical activity and trying to convince my unconscious mind that the source of my pain was not a “bad back,” my pain started to subside. In all it took about 6 months but the pain disappeared. No more painkillers, no ibuprofen, no physical therapy, no being careful with my back, full return to all physical activity without a care or thought about my back or sciatic nerve pain. I’ve thrown away all of my back braces, wedge pillows, heating pads, supports and crutches. Snowboarding, baseball, golf, running, backflips on my trampoline and diving board and best of all…lifting my little girls in the air again. I’m a man of faith and I believe God miraculously answered my prayers by pointing me to Dr Sarno’s books. I’m back to the best shape of my life and I try to remember every day how far I’ve come with no surgery. I once was so careful with every move I made and now I don’t even think about my back, at all. I believe in miracles. The pain is absolutely non-existent and I am beyond thankful for Dr Sarno’s courage and knowledge.