Enda’s Thank You

In July 2014 I desperately went to what I thought was “yet another physiotherapist” to find a solution to my chronic tennis elbow symptoms. I could barely lift a mug of tea despite having had 4 steroid injections over the course of 18 months, innumerable sessions of physio, physical therapy, magnets, kinesiology, kinesio taping, you name it, I tried it!

I went to see a therapist in Galway thinking that he would finally physically strip the muscles back in my forearm and free up the pain in my elbow. No. Instead he told me that there is no such thing as tennis elbow or tendonitis and recommended I read The Mind Body prescription.

I’ve since gone on to read A Divided Mind. I distinctly remember a morning when I got severe elbow pain and I immediately stopped and analysed the emotions that I had just gone through (and buried) just prior to the pain. I was astounded to witness the pain appearing as a distraction from the emotional pain. I stood still and allowed the emotional pain to flow through me. It took about 40 seconds. Then the “debilitating” pain disappeared.

One year on and I rarely even think about elbow pain. When it comes up I can quickly source the anger or emotional pain at its root and it disappears. Most importantly I fully understand that the pain is a manifestation of my mind.

I am a person with severe TMS and I’ve had many equivalencies since. But I’ve also managed to deconstruct and fully recover from lower back pain and piriformis syndrome. I’ve reduced my tinnitus significantly. I’ve vastly reduced the incidence or tension headaches and neck pain. And I have had months long respite from prostatitis and pelvic pain. I’m open now to looking at my food allergies.

Even just listing all the pain disorders here is an eye opener yet again to the effect TMS has had on my life and the wonderful cure and opportunity that Dr Sarno has offered to me. Thank you!