Christina’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for all the knowledge and support system you have created for TMS. I am deeply grateful and also inspired by your work.

This is briefly my story: My name is Christina Samara and I’m a body psychotherapist. Three months ago I had the first episode of TMS. It was low back pain and I couldn’t walk at the beginning for 2 days. Then , the pain hit my right leg and yes as you say it was excruciating! For three months I was desperate, I thought I would be on a wheelchair or I could even loose my leg from diabetes. Many imaginations…, I ‘m in very good condition as I swim daily and do yoga.During the summer time I learn to windsurf  and I do Stand-up-paddle SUP. At he beginning I did not pay attention to it, I couldn’t handle it. After two motnhs that were very difficult for me and my family as I was incapacitated I decided to follow your method. My sister had been cured from your books that she discovered, 10 years ago. I am grateful to her, she has been my coach and my support group along with my psychotherapist. I went to the doctor, I took anti-inflammatory drugs, alternative medicine drugs, bitamin B, which was very helpful to calm down my nervous system and fears, did, shiatsu, accupunture but all of it was placebos and just a support. TMS books, your books were the main help, I read and re-read your books over and over again, I did my daily TMS affirmations as a prayer. It took me 30 days and today I can say I am cured!!!! Since I took my health in my hands as my responsibility I started to journal every day and reflect and then I added some imagery and possitive affirmations work inspired by L.Hay and W.Dyer. It was more than a full time job. I quited everything to be by myself all day long and read, write, meditate and believe that i will be cured.

Psychologically speaking, when it all started I had just begun to work as a therapist, very challenging and my first client touched a lot on my personal issues. Along with being such a perfectionist and a people’s pleaser I had the best profile for TMS. Through TMS therapy and my personal psychotherapy I changed completely, to be what I am today, to give myself priority, to give not only to others but to myself first, to please me, to respect my needs and desires. Today I am very eclectic in what I do and want and I am very clear and very disciplined on this. Being a good therapist and a good mother is not easy and I have to take care of myself with respect! I learnt sooo much about me and I’m grateful cause I could not have grown and become better as a person and as professional if I had not been through this proccess!

My goal now is to spread my knowledge and help other people. I would love to be trained as a TMS therapist and offer my services here in Athens ,Greece. I hear so many cases every day but there is noone to support TMS. This is sad! So I would love to specialize in TMS and offer my services to people who are in pain and I know very well what it means to be in pain and how to get out of it!!!!!

Thank you Dr. Sarno for all you have offered to us, this is soo valuable!!!. In any event your work is a treasure!

With my Best Regards,