Mark’s Thank You

A little over 20 years, in my early 30s, I was a very active, visiting the gym daily, playing a lot of tennis. Seemingly out of the blue, I began to have back pain. It became debilitating. There were days I could not go to work. There were times when walking down the street, my back would freeze and I would have to lay down on the sidewalk, in pain. I tried every technique: rest. breathing. stretching. It only go worse and worse. When not prostate, I walked hunched over. It was frightening.

Someone told me about Sarno’s book. I bought a copy and walked across the street to a park where I sat and read it all the way through. As I read, the pain lifted. Completely. It has never returned, except for very brief and minor occasions. When it does return, I either thumb through the book, or try to recall its message. It always works instantly.

I realize this sounds unbelievable. But it happened exactly as described. His theory is very persuasive and the evidence in my case is absolutely conclusive. My back pain was connected to financial stress and upon realization of this, the pain disappeared.