Amy’s Thank You

I found you serendipitously after approximately less than a year of back pain that seemed like so much more. My story is not as long as some of the others here, thankfully. The pain came at a stressful time in my life, though I had been prone to back spasms since my teenage years. As a physical therapist, I had been trained to see the body as a particularly complicated machine of sorts and to believe that pain occurs due to purely mechanical reasons. Deep down, I think I always knew that there was something more going on. Reading Healing Back Pain opened my eyes to a new, truer reality. I couldn’t rip myself away from it and finished all three of your books in a week. Like thousands of others have said, I saw myself on every page. My pain has left me and my view of the human condition has been forever changed. It is one of my life’s goals to bring your ideas into my own work and profession for a better, more holistic way of viewing people and their health. I am so thankful for your work, writings and perseverance despite rejection by the mainstream medical community. You helped me bring joy back into my life and change how I practice my career, I am forever grateful! Rest in peace, Dr. Sarno.