Rita’s Thank You

I’m one of the millions of people whose life was transformed by Dr. Sarno’s pioneering work in medicine and mind body healing. To say that I’m grateful and indebted to Dr. Sarno would an understatement. What I wouldn’t have given to have thanked him in person and given him a huge hug! I was suffering with CRPS, which had affected both feet and knees and rendered me bedridden with full body nerve pain and burning, but the day I read “Healing Back Pain” was the day I knew I was going to recover. I’m also thankful to Howard Stern, who recognized Dr. Sarno’s greatness and humanity, enough to dedicate a book to him. Dr Sarno was a maverick physician and a great human being. His impact on the world has been immeasurable and his legacy will continue to endure and grow.

I know you are smiling down on my little thank you note Dr. Sarno and I hope to spread your message as much as I can to anyone willing to listen. Sending you lots of love and hugs in heaven!


Tim’s Thank You

What’s greater than the gift of health? I went from being a person who felt like there was something wrong with their body … to a healthy, normal person (whatever normal is).

The mind-body treatment pioneered by Dr. John Sarno and carried on by others has transformed my life.

I’ve recovered from:

  • Sciatica that resulted in back/hip/leg pain,
  • Tennis elbow (RSI) and
  • Chronic fatigue – which left me with dizziness and cold/flu-like symptoms.

In addition to the three health challenges listed above, there have been other conditions that are so diminished now they are no longer issues in my life. These include things like acid reflux, chronic bronchitis, insomnia, and IBS. My full story is here:

If you are new and want to know how to get started, I’d suggest going to the TMS Wiki (www.tmswiki.org) and doing some research there. It contains a wealth of information. I’d recommend finding some books or a program you connect with and applying them in a systematic method. Some methodologies that I can personally vouch for were developed by Alan Gordon, LCSW, Dr. Howard Schubiner, and of course the grandfather of it all – Dr. John Sarno!

Tamara’s Thank You

In 2016, I was at the end of my rope. I nearly lost the ability to use my hands, due  to CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and dystonia.

I experienced severe neuropathic pain in hands, arms and shoulders. My both hands were swollen, bright red and extremely sensitive to cold and touch. I had frequent episodes of Raynaud’s Syndrome. I had to sleep seated in the upright position with both arms hanging down, to avoid numbness, tingling and extreme burning pain in arms from shoulders to tips of the fingers. My fingers curled in from spasms in the muscles and tendons (dystonia) to the point that I could not open up my hand, write, use knives, forks or other small objects.  Even taking a shower became a torture.

Symptoms were spreading to my feet and legs and I started experiencing muscular tension and pain in toes, feet, ankles and knees. Walking became difficult.

Disability was a matter of time, which only exacerbated my desperation and fear.

To make the matter worse, I was initially misdiagnosed by my doctors and was offered no treatment for my condition; instead, they wanted me to undergo procedures for the carpal tunnel syndrome: painkillers, steroid injections and surgery. I was told that my EMG (electromyography) showed irreversible nerve damage.

My friend told me about “Mindbody Prescription”. From the first pages I understood that I was a typical TMS personality. Thanks to the brief mentioning of CRPS (aka RSD) in the book as a possible TMS condition, I decided to try Dr. Sarno’s approach, because it was logical and made perfect sense.

Since then, I fully recovered and resumed normal life, without painkillers, steroids or surgeries. My hands, arms and legs are pain-free and fully functional. I completed several half-marathons, continue practicing yoga, and feel stronger than prior to CRPS. Not only I completely recovered physically, but Dr. Sarno’s books prompted me to re-examine my life and become more aware and resilient emotionally.

I owe my life and well-being to Dr. Sarno, and I am now helping other CRPS patients to heal using his method.

Thank you, Dr. Sarno, you are my hero! Your courage to go against the flow, your determination to ask questions and seek answers changed so many lives!

Forever grateful,