Dave M’s Thank You

I had severe lower back pain. It took six nurses to get me out the car when I arrived the the hospital for surgery, the seat soaked in perspiration from the pain. Soon after the discectomy it returned. I couldn’t walk fast and spent a large part of my twenties bedridden.

I picked up a book, The Naked Mind, about living happily without alcohol, and in it Annie Grace talks about how anger fueled all her pain and mentions Dr. Sarno. Five weeks after reading Healing Back Pain, I had made a full recovery. My spine felt like that of a ten year old’s, the time before the pain.

I’m now in my 40’s and I do marathons, Ironmans, swims, and barefoot runs for fun… whatever I want, essentially.  

A good twenty people I have lent the book to have made a complete recovery too.