Elinor’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

Your books have changed my life and put an end to two years of extremely sever back pain, thanks to your brave and groundbreaking discoveries, i was able to become totally pain free, go through the pregnancy and birth of my twins, completely free of back pain, and go back to professional belly dancing. it’s 11 years later, i am a 100% pain-free. I will forever be grateful.

Yours with admiration,


UPDATE, 6/27/17
My savior has passed away. The brilliant brave man who went against the mainstream to save the quality of the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, mine included.

Thank you Dr. John Sarno, my life would have been miserable without your books and your wisdom.

If there is heaven, you are there now.

With my eternal gratitude and admiration, Elinor Carucci