Jennifer B’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

I knew about your book for years before reading it (including hearing Howard Stern’s testimonials) but from what I had heard about it I thought I had to “face my demons” in order to get rid of my back pain. Ultimately the pain was too much and I decided to seek out your book. During the first hour of reading my pain started to disappear and I was encouraged to keep reading. By the end of the book I noticed a tremendous improvement in my condition. Within a month I was 90% pain free and within three months was 100% pain free. I’ve since read the book two more times and have given a copy to friends who complain about back pain – I can tell it’s TMS from their description of their symptoms.

One of the best parts of being free of back pain is the ability to exercise as much as I like. Here’s a photo of me finishing my second 5K – at age 50! Thank you Doctor Sarno, you’ve given me my life back.