Luise’s Thank You

Hearing about Dr. Sarno at 90 came about through a friend. I had some neck discomfort and she loaned me his book and video.

What transpired was the realization of how many insidious and serious TMS Equivalents were part of my life experience. For the last four months, I have done the Daily Study Plan every morning and watched his video every evening. Without going into my issues, I want you to know that my life has changed radically. ‘Thinking psychological’ sometimes erases and at other times mitigates my experience to the point that each day is a wonderful adventure, not a trial or at best, an endurance test.

My concept is that Dr. Sarno discovered, medically, that the world isn’t flat. It came to him as a surprise and a mystery, not from research…and his life was about figuring out what happened to those under his care. By facing ridicule and staying true to his Hippocratic Oath…he wrote of his experience and a few of us, worldwide, were willing to get that we didn’t know…and therefore could learn.

Gratitude abounds…