Michael’s Thank You

About twenty years ago, I was poor as a church mouse working survival jobs and trying to pursue an unsuccessful acting career. I had a herniated disk, and unbearable back pain. Prior to the injury, I ran about 4-6 miles daily. With the onset of back pain, I was sidelined for over a year, desperate for relief from chiropractors and doctors that I could not afford. Unsuccessful actors can’t really afford health insurance. I was in a LOT of pain and very depressed about my lack of physical mobility.

One day after work I went to the large library in midtown Manhattan in search of books that could offer me exercises to relieve my back pain. Instead I came across Doctor Sarno’s book,”Mind Over Back Pain, the Mind-Body Connection.” I remember checking the book out from the library and reading the entire book, cover to cover, one afternoon in the middle of Central Park. Everything about TMS resonated so strongly within me.

Three days after finishing the book, I was back on the treadmill running my daily miles. I’ve been running and swimming four or five days a week since.

I have a Pay It Forward policy regarding Doctor Sarno’s books. Whenever a friend complains of back pain, I purchase the book as a gift with the insistence that the friend passes it on to someone else who may complain of back pain in the future.

My copies of Sarno’s books retain a prominent place on a shelf in my home library.

Thank you, Doctor Sarno. Our world is a sadder place without you today.

Much love and gratitude,
Michael C