Penelope’s Thank You

Dear Dr. Sarno,

I love you! I got your book a long time ago. It’s copyright is 1991, and it is the only book I never loan to anybody, though I do recommend it. My book is currently “decorated” with 17 post-it markers for salient points.

You helped me with back pain all those years ago, and for that I am grateful. I made up a bracelet – kind of like a rosary – to review the Daily Reminders, which I use periodically.

After a year of mega stress, my heart, which had been checked out (atrial ectopic beats) and was deemed to be okay, started acting up. I again delved into your wonderful book and the reminders. This morning my heart started kicking up a fuss, so I sat still, located the anger I was not dealing with, and happily my heart went back to normal, and I went on to do the work planned for the day.

“Think psychological not physical”, is my mantra! Yay!

I am an American living in New Zealand (since 1980) so even though I am not geographically near to NYC anymore, I am near to you in my heart. You have done such wonderful work, and I am so very very grateful to you.

Much love from “a free range oldie” living in a “Foreign Land”