Dave H’s Thank You

This note was one I had been meaning to write for years and I am sorry I did not write it to Dr. Sarno before he passed but hope that he is looking down and reading this and what I am sure will be many other letters.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Sarno for his work, which for me touched me when I accidentally stumbled upon his name and a very brief description of his theory while paging through a Back Remedies for Dummies book. That was 13 years ago when my wife had taken me to a Relax Your Back store to see if we could find a comfortable chair for me to sit in at my law office. The chairs of course were not helpful and because I am a reader I gravitated to a small book shelf and started leading through the Back Remedies for Dummies book. By some strange cosmic force I found the one page that said something along the lines of: there’s a Dr. at NYU who believes that back pain is caused by unconscious emotions and that people who are high achievers and always striving to do good for others have pain caused by their unconscious mind. I instantly recognized that person and was intrigued and purchased Healing Back Pain.

I had a hard time at first accepting that I had an unconscious mind that could cause pain but I was struggling and gave the theory a try and it worked. But not for long. About six months later I woke up with excruciating pain. My instant reaction was that Dr. Sarno’s theory was no good. But after a week of trying physical therapy that was not helping I went back to the book and went all in. It took about three months but I have been pain free ever since. It is truly amazing.

Years later I started having arm pain and found Dr. Stracks in Chicago. I told him I thought maybe this was unconscious rage and he agreed and this pain went away in a week. Since meeting Dr. Stracks I have at his request sometimes talked with some of his patients and have given presentations to his patients. I also talk to anyone who will listen about Dr. Sarno and his treatment. I am aware of at least eight people I have introduced to Dr. Sarno’s theory that have rid themselves of pain after reading the book. They thank me but they need to thank Dr. Sarno.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Sarno for showing me how to heal myself, a remarkable gift.

My deepest sympathy to his wife, family and friends.

Dave Holmes
Oak Park, Illinois