Steve C’s Thank You

I am very sorry to learn of the passing of Dr. John Sarno. Although I never has the privilege of meeting him, his dedication and work had a wonderfully positive impact on my life.

From 1985 until 2000 I suffered chronic back, shoulder, knee and hip pain as well as other TMS manifestations. Having exhausted all traditional ways of trying to treat the pain I really was very discouraged. Fortunately I heard about Dr. Sarno and I started my journey to elimination of pain without physical therapy, medication or surgery.

At first I was skeptical of what Dr. Sarno’s premises, but with no relief in sight I contacted Dr. Sarno’s office to try to set up an appointment. I found out that at that time Dr. Sarno was not taking new patients outside the New York area, but he took the time to write me a personal letter referring me to physicians in the United States who were familiar with TMS. The doctor in Chicago he referred me to in 2000 ran lab tests on me and felt that I suffered from TMS. After meeting with the doctor, and rereading Dr. Sarno’s books, I began to understand the source of my pain and eliminated almost all of my pain within a couple of months.

I am grateful for Dr. Sarno’s wisdom, and the fact that as busy as he was that he took the time to personally respond to me.

May his memory be blessed and his work continue!

Steve C