Howard Schubiner, MD’s Thank You

Dr. Sarno was a giant.
He was insightful enough to see what so many others couldn’t see, even though it was right there for all to see.
He was tough enough, so that he could put up with criticism and even ridicule.
He was kind enough to show compassion to his patients who revered him.
He was dedicated and persistent enough to write the books that helped so many.
He was realistic enough to know that even he couldn’t change the way medicine was practiced.
He was smart enough to know that he was right and that he would have to wait for the world to catch up.
It’s just that he couldn’t wait forever.

It’s up to us to carry the torch and live up to his insight, toughness, kindness, realism, and smarts.
It’s a worthy endeavor.

My best to his family and to those who will mourn him and miss him. He is responsible for the health and recovery of thousands. I owe my career to him and pledge to work on his behalf to realize his vision of the acceptance of his theories by mainstream medicine.

Howard Schubiner, MD