Ken’s Thank You

To the Memory of a Great Physician,

I suffered from intermittent, debilitating back pain all my life until an acquaintance recommended your Mind/Body book. I knew you were right as soon as I read it, and my pain went away within weeks. Every time after that, I’d read your book, confront my worries, and the pain would fade. Just last year, I couldn’t exercise because of what I thought was a hamstring pull that just wouldn’t go away. And then I saw an advertisement for a calf-brace to relieve sciatica pain. Of course, I said: it’s not a hamstring, but rather I have referred back pain, and now I can cure it. It went away within days.

I always keep an extra copy of your book, to “pay it forward” to a friend with back pain. You made a real mark on this world, and I join so many others in expressing my deepest gratitude to you and your loving memory.