Nelia’s Thank You

Dear Dr. John E. Sarno,

Thank You! You saved me!

I will not go into details of my pain and time spent in bed without being able to move.

I will always be grateful for finally finding you online and first listening and reading to what was available. I ordered 2 of your books. I resonated with your words in the first paragraphs. I put into practice what you advised and slowly my pain went away. The best part of it, is that it never came back. I was dealing with back pain for over 4 years since the birth of my son. The tests confirmed I have a herniated disk but I believe, as you say, this is simply another grey hair or another wrinkle.

I did your work. I treated what was really in need of treatment and today no pain! I apply this treatment to other ailments that seem to come my way and too, it works:)

I share what I have learned. You are a Legacy! I will never forget you and I will continue speaking of you whenever it is needed.

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

NĂ©lia Marmelo