Rick’s Thank You

In the late 90s I suffered from neck and upper back pain.   I was truly suicidal as I was living in pain 24/7 and was told I would never be able to do physical activity again.  Back then back and neck surgery meant being in a body cast for months.

I tried everything, from acupuncture to mediation, to needles in the neck.    Nothing worked.   Until one day I was walking in a book store and decided to buy his book.  Everything made sense. I was cured within 2 weeks.    I have shared my story to anyone who would listen and I know dozens who have also been cured.    I haven’t had any issues since then and I also read his book “The Divided Mind” which has also helped me overcome other pains that I would have otherwise been alarmed at.  Thank you Dr. Sarno for being my hero, my God.  There will never be another like you.