Richard’s Thank You

Thank you Dr. Sarno for encouraging me to join the thousands of anecdotally insignificant refugees from the mainstream medical establishment who have been cured after years of chronic pain distress and ineffective conventional treatment. Hopefully some day it will be like: yeah, we believed in that Dr. Pasteur back when they were still using leeches. May you RIP (as, too, Sen. Harkin, who tried to spread your knowledge for the benefit of the millions still suffering). Thanks to you I can now move heavy boulders with a back, and a neck, and a shoulder, and a leg, and a shin, and a foot, and an elbow, and a wrist that have all at least once been a shifting site for my mind’s painful play of emotions. We, thanks to our personal healing experiences, will continue to push on after you are gone in sharing your material. It may at times be Sisyphean (Hey, John Stossel, any luck with that Harvard MD brother of yours?), but at least it will no longer hurt.