Dan’s Thank You

I wanted to write to pay my respects to a man who changed my life in more ways than one. Before learning of Dr. Sarno and his writing, I endured eight years of crippling back pain. The pain not only dominated my life and was excruciating, but it also left me feeling hopeless, alone, and completely disillusioned with the medical field. Dr. Sarno’s commitment to science, combined with his tremendous empathy and lack of ego, allowed him to put the puzzle pieces together that were right in front of us. As a result, I was able to resolve this baffling and confounding torture within weeks. I cannot thank him enough for that, but he also gave me three other gifts in opening this understanding about my mind, my body, and life itself: 1) Through the process of recovery, I was able to gain a degree of confidence in myself that I did not know possible; 2) He helped unlock a passion in me that gave me a purpose beyond anything I had expected to have in life — to heal others from TMS and spread the word of his revolutionary ideas; and 3) With these things backing me (pun partially intended), I was able to escape a toxic relationship that could have destroyed my belief in myself and will to stay true to me. Because of these things, Dr. Sarno is probably the single biggest influence in my life, other than my mom. He will always be a great, great hero of mine, and I am devoting my life to showing the world just how right he was and how important it is to accept and embrace his convictions. Dr. Sarno, you gave more love to the world than most people ever can dream of and it has made the world a far better place. Now, we continue your work. Thank you from the depths of my heart, mind, and soul.